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    October 30, 2013
    8:00 - 9:01pm PDT  

>> reporter:guilty as charged! >> reporter:a high-profile teen is going to pay the price for attempted murder and other off-the-wall antics. a food network star feeling the heat after this meltdown at s-f-o. it's countdown to demolition day for the old bay bridge. and we're taking a walk down memory lane. the trick one woman says she'll pull for halloween that is going to be heartbreaking to some children. >> reporter:and virgin america has passengers
dancing in their seats with this viral video that's climbing the charts. (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> catherine: now at 8-- >> catherine: guilty verdicts for max wade.. he's the teenager tried for the attempted murder of a romantic rival -- and stealing the fancy car belonging to a celebrity chef. kron 4's dan kerman is live in san rafael and joins us with details of the jury's decision today -- and what's next. dan? >> reporter: no catherine when the car was stolen the thought that it was a teenage prank but the shooting, things became serious. how serious now he faces multiple years in prison. 19 year old max weighed is now known for trying to kill someone. inside each of a woman that
he was infatuated with was found guilty of attempted murder. you never really know if they were away from someone at this fired in a passenger's compartment or aiming towards the female victim. that could have played in the jury's decision >> reporter: wade was also accused of all past was stilling the lamborghini of celebrity chefs. guy fierini >> reporter: to say that it was all and the head of a disturbed person the judge has to take into
account the litigation and the age and lack of maturity and emotional state of someone under 18. >> reporter: this scene has been scheduled for december 16th he faces more than 20 years in prison with life for parole. >> reporter:dan mentioned the lamborghini that was stolen belonged to celebrity chef guy fieri. turns out.guy had a whole situation of his own at sfo over the weekend. tmz reports he got into a fight with his hairdresser.ariel ramierz. here's the video.and you can hear ramirez throughout.expressing his displeasure with guy fieri. video
>> reporter: this is saturday at s f, cursing and crying and punching the gary. the very kicks of the hair dresser. fieri kicjs the haor dresser. >> reporter:sources close to tmz say the duo had been drinking the entire flight, and that the altercation was "just dudes being dudes." a rep for guy went on to explain, "a bunch of guys were messing around. things got a little out of hand, but they're all good now." >> catherine: developing tonight at 8-- >> catherine: new details about a castro valley nursing home we first told
you about last saturday. it was supposed to be closed but instead had more than a dozen patients inside with limited care. kron 4's j.r. stone is following the story and has more from alameda county. >> reporter:j.d. nelson of the alameda county sheriff's office is talking about the situation at this assisted living care facility over the last two weeks. two friday's ago employees here were told they wouldn't be paid. many stopped working. thursday it was officially closed by the state but patients didn't leave. in fact 13 of them were still there on saturday. at which time the fire department realized the facility had been ordered closed days before. >> reporter: he's talking about the two employeesthis cook and a caretaker who stuck around to help the patients free of charge. i could not just see myself
leaving what the residents along. i could not, i just cannot do that. >> reporter: where was the manager and everyone else that was taking care of the people? your guess is as good as mine. >> reporter:lawyers for the owners say they were in the process of finding patients homes. people who couldn't find it themselves. >> reporter:to make matters worse. one of the patients, 64 year old edmund bascom, walked off on friday and hasn't been seen since. bascom has a history of leaving facilities but it's now been five days since he has been seen. >> catherine: tonight, we're learning more about how 13
year old andy lopez was killed by a sheriff's deputy in santa rosa. >> reporter:hundreds of people gathered again for another rally in his honor.. kron 4's charles clifford is in santa rosa and has the latest. >> reporter:on wednesday afternoon, hundreds of people rallied in santa rosa, demanding justice for the death of 13-year-old andy lopez. >> reporter:meanwhile new details have emerged into exactly what happened that fatefull day here along moorland avenue. >> reporter:the santa rosa police department and petaluma police are investigating the shooting and they confirmed on wednesday that two deputies confronted andy lopez, but that only one...deputy erik gelhous.. fired his weapon. the other deputy, a trainee, was driving the patrol car and by the time he exited the vehicle, lopez had already been shot. >> reporter:we have also learned that a witness may have been driving just ahead
of the patrol car and spotted lopez moments before the deputies did. >> he rolled out to them out his window and yelled that the young man should put his gun away because the police was were behind him. >> reporter:in santa rosa, charles clifford krone >> catherine: san rafael police are looking for a bank robber who struck this morning. it's believed he might also be behind a series of other robberies in marin county. surveillance video shows a >> catherine: man walking into a wells fargo on las gallinas avenue. and demanding cash. today's crime is the ninth in a series that began last december. the man is described as >> catherine: white -and in his 40's or 50's. police say he often strikes on wednesdays. >> catherine:
troubled 49er linebacker aldon smith is out of jail tonight. after turning himself in on a weapons charge. he surrendered last night to the santa clara sheriff's department. >> catherine: he's charged with illegally possessing assault weapons. and was later released on a 75 thousand dollar bond. smith will be arraigned on the weapons charge november 12th. >> catherine: and a week later - he'll be 'back' in court - to be arraigned on misdemeanor d-u-i charges. they stem from a september incident when he drove into a tree. >> catherine: new u-c president janet napolitano says she's giving five million dollars to help students living illegally in the u-s. >> catherine: she announced the plan today in her first public address since taking over as the head of the university system a month ago. >> catherine: napolitano says the money will give students special counseling and financial aid. she's also giving another ten million dollars to support post-doctoral and graduate students. .i was his
>> catherine: ahead at eight. a grieving widow talks about the gut-wrenching school shooting that took her husband's life. a flight from tokyo to san francisco takes an unexpected turn. the remote location where the plane was forced to land. details. >> reporter:kron 4's scott rates >> reporter: tonight at 830 the letter she will hand the kids instead of candy because she feels that the candy would just make them more of these. obese >> jacqueline: it will be warmer tomorrow i will have more temperatures coming up
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>> reporter: that is the first piece of the original spanned that will be demolished. removing the upper deck. if it all goes according to schedule they will start to demolish about 1,400 ft. of the upper deck. by removing that 1,400 ft. that will provide a that that they can work
through with the equipment on the bottom deck that could work. >> reporter: so this is a 77 year old bridge with a 70 sarah isn't your old technology. 77 year old technology >> reporter: are people driving on the bridge? they will not be able to see a lot of that act activity but they will be able to hear it. >> reporter: should take about six weeks to complete and then the next stage will start early next year. reporting along the old eastern span of the bridge,
for a new spirit >> catherine: there's a new push for an earthquake early warning system in california. ".21 seconds" >> catherine: this is a prototype developed at u-c berkeley -- it's already in limited use here in the bay area. but a los angeles state senator wants to make it available across california. information is relayed from >> catherine: sensors near fault lines.and alerts can be sent to thousands of people on cell phones. there would be a warning of about a minute. >> catherine: which could be enough time for bart and other rail lines to slow or even stop trains. >> catherine: parents and students at a san jose school spent a year raising money to buy new laptops and i-pads for the computer lab. but now - many of them have been stolen. >> catherine: officials at river glen school say someone broke into the lab and stole 60 laptops -- and 60 new i- pads. worth about 72- thousand dollars. >> catherine: the principal says it's going to be a struggle to make do with what's left.
this is a major blow with not having the equipment to make the students half computer skills and better education that they could it receives ".in our school". >> catherine: a parent- teacher group may now launch yet another fundraiser. san jose police are investigating. >> catherine: tonight - family members are talking about the teacher who was killed in nevada earlier this month - while trying to protect his students from a student with a gun. >> catherine: police say say 12-year-old jose reyes shot and killed two adults and injured two students -- before killing himself at a nevada middle school. one of the victims - michael landsberry >> catherine: his wife is now talking about how she'll remember him. kristen remington has the
story. "he was my world. and i was his." sharon and michael landsberry shared a love not everyone gets to experience. admired even by their daughters. >> reporter:they were married five years. and every morning before michael would leave for work, he'd make sure to remind sharon how much he loved her -- even if she was still asleep. "the coffee would be ready, he'd get my coffee cup out and put a sticky note on it and write, 'hey my beautiful wife' or 'have a good day, i love you.' it was always different." >> reporter:sharon kept every single note. and is so thankful she did. >> reporter:on october 21st, just three days after their wedding anniversary, michael left for work.but this time, sharon was awake. "that morning when he left, the last words i heard from him were 'have a good day my beautiful wife. i can't wait to be home with you and go for our walk. i love
you." >> reporter:about an hour later, sharon heard about the shooting at sparks middle school. and she knew in her heart michael was involved. she later learned he, in fact, try to stop the shooter.and, as a result, saved even more lives. >> reporter:reporter: sharon, he even said he would do whatever it takes to protect the people he loves. so when you found out the actions he took that morning, to protect other students, did it surprise you at all? "when i first heard this going and i didn't get a text message back from him, i knew. and, uh, when it transpired that it was actually on school grounds, i knew exactly what he did. i knew he stopped it. i knew he stepped in front." >> reporter:the marine and air national guardsmen always reminded his family to be strong; to always look for the positives in life. >> reporter:and now sharon and her daughters are living that advice. instead of being angry that this beloved man was ripped from their lives, sharon says they're counting their blessingsall of them instead.
"i had a love that most people will never, ever experience and i'm so grateful that i got the chance to experience it with him." >> catherine: new tonight. a couple who lived next door to the boy accused of the shooting remember reyes as well- behaved -- and from a "wonderful" family. a memorial for teacher michael landsberry is scheduled for sunday. >> catherine: in national news-- there's now concern that the yahoo. the washington post reports the claim.citing documents obtained from former n-s-a contractor turned leaker.edward snowden. >> catherine: the post says millions of records are sent each day from yahoo and google to the agency's maryland headquarters. >> catherine: the white house -- already under fire for spying accusations -- is notalso today, european lawmakers continued to push for answers on the u-s spying program.. "friend on friend spying is
not something that is easily tolerable if it doesn't have a clear purpose and if it happens there needs to be some kind of justification." >> catherine: the white house is now supposedly reviewing intelligence gathering. >> jacqueline: temperatures are dropping in the 40's for most of the bay area and '30's for places like napa and sent to road salt. santa rosa. >> jacqueline: we will see a lot of 70 degree readings for the north bay and inland valleys. it will stay pretty nice portrait protruding but we will get to that in just a moment. we will see warmer weather on friday but cooler conditions for the week end.
it will be mild for the most part. but towards the is o'clock hour getting to the mid fifties will be dropping to the upper 50s for the east bay. changes are coming this weekend with more on that. >> catherine: still to come: >> catherine: facebook has some relationship advice you might want to consider.. it's a new study that won't leave you stumped. new at 8pm. >> reporter:here's what's buzzing in the tech world a lot of people are upset with twitter over a new feature they just launched. >> gary: later in this broadcast sports!
>> reporter:wearing google glass got this women big trouble and amazon has just launched a new program that makes it extemeley easy to give to charity. and it doesn't cost you anything >> reporter:twitter just added a new auto preview feature. pictures and videos that people you follow have posted will now show up in your twitter feed as a visual preview. >> reporter:before you would have to click on the media link to see the picture or video that was posted. users are complaning that this preview feature is taking up a lot screen space from their feed, clogging the feed up, and just over all annoying >> reporter:not everyone wants to see every picture posted from the people they follow. >> reporter:moving on. >> reporter:cecilia abadie is the first person that we know of to be ticketed for wearing google glass while driving she was pulled over for speeding in san diego and given an additional citation for driving while wearing her google glass. the officer considered the
head-mounted display a monitor that was visible to the driver. >> reporter: shocked, abadie posted a copy of the ticket https:/ on google+ >> reporter:that post ofcourse has gone debating whether or not google glass should be worn while driving. this is sure to be a huge hot button issue in 2014 when google comes on the market. >> reporter:and lastly big props to amazon they are making it easy and affordable to give to charity this is a simple way to help improve the world and it doesn't cost you anything. amazonsmile is a new offshoot website created by amazon. >> reporter:it will dole out 0.5 percent of your total purchase to any one of a million eligible charities. to use the program, just browse to the amazonsmile web site http:/ the first time you visit the site, you can choose one of the charities spotlighted by amazon or pick your own by typing its name in the search field.
>> reporter:then you just shop as you normally would. shopping through amazonsmile is just like shopping through amazon's regular web site. you'll find the same products and experience, according to amazon. the only difference is that buying an item through amazonsmile ensures that you're favorite charity benefits. " turn off that light." >> catherine: this "lights out" performance has fliers feeling good about buckling up and then some. why it's attracting nearly half-a-million people to the web. it's a trick some kids are going to find hard to swallow tomorrow night. we'll explain who's behind it. and why. and next. a delta flight headed to s-f-o makes an emergency landing in a much cooler place. details. ♪
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hurry, this offer ends october 31st. for details, visit today. >> catherine: happening now at 8:30-- >> catherine: what started as a routine flight. turned into an emergency landing this morning in alaska. a delta flight from tokyo headed for san francisco -- was forced to land in alaska instead.because of a possible engine problem. right now. those passengers are safely on their way to s-f-o. kron 4's jeff bush is live >> catherine: at s-f-o. with the details and new pictures. jeff? >> reporter: like asset, roughly about 40 minutes
away. scholastic a video and see what it looks like on cold bay alaska up. >> reporter: they spent 10 hours on this airplane waiting for a nother airplane. so they can off load everyone and get them on to the new plane. there was a monster that went off on the cockpit. they landed in alaska and still waiting for the new plane to show up. for now reporting live at s f of
>> catherine: one north dakota woman isn't handing out treats to everyone this halloween. she letters to children who are has the story.every one knows the feeling of being a young trick or treater and not receiving the sweet treat you desired.but what about receiving this? >> reporter:a local woman has decided to take childhood obesity into her own hands with a letter she plans to hand out to children she believes are quote "moderately obese" "i just want to send a message to the parents of kids that are really overweight. i think it's just really irresponsible of parents to send them out looking for free candy just 'cause all the other kids are doing it." >> reporter:she emailed the letter after calling in this morning to local radio station y94. >> reporter: how about insulting letters to give
them a healthy snack. >> reporter: judgment is not healthy. >> reporter: i predict that her house will get aid into oblivion. egg'd "they were chatting today and got a call from cheryl out of the blue who really wanted to voice her opinion about obesity and that it really takes an entire community to solve the obesity challenge." "i'm contributing to their health problems and really, their kids are everybody's kids. it's a whole village." ndsu assistant professor of clinical psychology doctor katie gordon studies eating disorders and says that children and adolescents in particular are very conscious of fitting in with peers. she says the letter might hurt more than help. "it's just that kind of thing that for some kids, if they're vulnerable, might trigger major problems."
>> catherine: in national news-- >> catherine: president obama is frustrated - but still defending his health care plan and that troubled web site. he insists the plan is still >> catherine: today in boston - he acknowledged that the site has lots of problems. and made it clear he's not happy. "look there's no denying it. right now the website's too slow, too many people have gotten stuck, and i am not happy about it. and neither are a lot of americans who need healthcare and their trying to figure out how they can sign up as quickly as possible. so there's no excuse for it. and i take full responsibility to make sure it gets fixed asap. we are working overtime to improve it everyday." >> catherine: vice president joe biden is also apologizing for the botched roll out. so is health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius. she took tough questions
today from a house committee. and said the web site will be fixed by the end of november. >> catherine: consumers have until march 31st to sign up for coverage or risk penalties. >> catherine: still ahead -- can facebook really predict when you're about to break up?? a new study says it's so. we'll explain. ".i got some safety tips. that you gotta know. " >> catherine: and coming up next. a catchy new spin on safety in the air. our vicki liviakis shows the new virgin america video that's gone viral. >> jacqueline: we will take a look at the morning temperatures and richer countries and your tractor treating forecast trick or treating
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"stealing the show" with its latest attempt to get passengers to stay safe in their seats. >> catherine: kron-4's vicki liviakis shows you why it has hundreds of thousands of people taking a peek. >> reporter: buckle up to get down. anybody who's ever flown has been subjected to the mandatory but let's face it - boring safety videos. but virgin america is changing it up. going full on music video. check it out. >> reporter:virgin america's new safety video may have you dancing in the aisles. the airline -. enlisting the help of stars to give their safety video a new song and dance -- literally. >> reporter:from the exit doors to the oxygen masks, no seat belt was left unbuckled. it's designed to get passengers who may be distracted or uninterested to pay attention to potentially life-saving information. >> reporter:but early on it's proving to be such a hit, people are even viewing it on youtube by the hundreds of thousands. if you're strapped in you'll be able to watch from your seat fleetwide by mid-november.
>> reporter:virgin america is asking for talented passengers and non- passengers alike to send their audition tapes with their freshest moves. to be in a future version of the next safety video. i'm vicki liviakis, kron 4 news. >> catherine: when you're about to get dumped, you might have no idea. but facebook says it "does" know what's about to happen. >> catherine: a new study by facebook and cornell university looked at a million facebook users. >> catherine: researchers say that a couple with lots of mutual friends are 50- percent more likely to end the relationship over the next two months. than a couple with connections to 'different' groups of >> catherine: so, in simple terms, the study suggests people in the healthiest relationships have their own lives and friends.
>> reporter: on the next addition of people behaving that way! badly!
(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> reporter: excuse me i have a question for you, i noticed you came straight down there are signs saying you have to go right why did you keep coming straight >> reporter:so basically this driver missed all the signs like this this right turn only markings this sign which reads you are not permitted to go straight except buses taxis trucks and bikes did what so many drivers do every day go straight
>> reporter:heck one driver parked in the bike lane in the middle of traffic then went straight this driver ignored the turn only lane and drove in the dedicated bike lane lets find out why >> reporter: only lane bus lane,i mean the bike lane how come are you from the city no i'm not i'm acutally here from work were you following the gps or something yea my phone/ where you from >> reporter: marin must be in another county what i notice is many of the people who miss the signs are on their cell phones like this lady hi you doing quick question well first i say you on your cell phone and secondly this is for truck and buses only why are you here ? >> reporter:so basically this driver missed all the signs like this this right turn only markings this sign which reads you are not permitted to go
straight except buses taxis trucks and bikes did what so many drivers do every day go straight >> reporter:heck one driver parked in the bike lane in the middle of traffic then went straight >> reporter:this driver ignored the turn only lane and drove in the dedicated bike lane lets find out why >> reporter:you came across that turn only lane bus lane,i mean the bike lane how come are you from the city no i'm not i'm acutally here from work were you following the gps or something yea my phone/marin must be in another county what i notice is many of the people who miss the signs are on their cell phones like this lady hi you doing quick question well first i say you on your cell phone and secondly this is for truck and buses only why are you here >> reporter:so basically this driver missed all the signs like this this right turn only markings this sign which reads you are not permitted to go straight except buses taxis trucks and bikes
>> reporter:did what so many drivers do every day go straight heck one driver parked in the bike lane in the middle straight this driver ignored the turn only lane and drove in the dedicated bike lane lets find out why you came across that turn only lane bus lane,i mean you from the city no i'm not where you from
>> catherine: we welcome the photos you can e-mail them to breaking news kron4 that come or are more mobile app. we will shrer share them on our facebook page. even on
air! >> jacqueline: 36 and apple with 37 and half moon bay in redwood city. back into the '70s and the south bay with 71 in palo alto and mountain view and 72 in san jose 66 in richmond and 67 and haywood. here is to look at the extended forecast with warmer weather the next couple of days. for you trick or treaters the weather is looking great for
tomorrow evening with mainly clear skies. it will start to get a little chilly in the north bay by the is o'clock hour. and sports >> catherine: you are looking at fenway park in boston with a lot of happy people there. gary will bring you the rest of the sports maxed!
the >> gary: hitting a grand
slam home run and the play offs! including a great world series to make it 3 to nothing. pretty much it! >> gary: 5 hits and 6 runs! >> gary: 6 to 1 winning the game 4 to 2! >> gary:
(cheers & applause) we are going to have some fun tonight! (cheers & applause) pretty cool! we work hard everyday! (cheers & applause) we are the world champs! >> gary: here is a red sox nation party and as we speak. hopefully no violent and people act civilized.
>> catherine: there is always someone print things happen. things happen? >> gary: at one point that are up 25 and now have time leading lakers by 19 points. warriors are rolling over the lakers. now getting down to the serious business.. >> gary: immediately posting $75,000 he returns to the team's facility for the first time in five weeks where he met what team
officials and coach harbaugh. right now he is trying to turn his life all round. he will be back on the football field but scheduled to appear in court on a weapons charge and facing a misdemeanor the unified. dui >> gary: so when people are saying that he will be back ... there is a lot going on >> gary: net nick fo;les will start at the
quarterback for eagles against the raiders sunday in place of the injured michael vick. >> gary: the head of officiating says the nfl's competition committee likely will review the league's taunting rule this offseason and that touchdowns that draw taunting penalties might be taken away >> gary: on monday night seahawks receiver golden tate received critcism for his taunting on this 80-yard touchdown catch seahawks head coach pete carroll has already said he is 100-percent against such already exists in college football the san jose earthquakes signed interim coach mark team moving forward. >> gary: he is a good guy. haazig monument. haazig money alone if you have anything negative to say you get tweet us all at kron4 (laughter)
>> gary: i had to walk away game raiders because he was not planningery well. playing. >> gary: if you feel like killing someone on your job please step away. >> gary: the touchdown could be taken away so here you go if you want to do the old joke it is a n f l stands for the no fun lying. that seemed pretty harmless >> catherine: that seems pretty harmless
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